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>50% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations are diabetes related.
Foot ulcers have a prevalence of 3 to 10% in those with diabetes. 15% of those with diabetes develop a foot ulcer at some stage of their disease. 85% of diabetes related amputations are preceded by a non-healing ulcer.
Up to 85% of the diabetes related amputations may be preventable.
Diabetic foot complications can account for 2 to 20% of all diabetes related hospital admissions (depends on definition of a diabetes related admission). It is commonly stated that diabetic foot complications are the main reason for admission to hospital, but this is not supported by the evidence .

up to 20% undergo an ipsilateral amputation within 12 months
up to 50% undergo a contralateral amputation within 1-3 years; >50% within 5 years
3 year mortality after amputation is 20-50%

Costs associated with diabetic foot complications:
Health system costs ( eg health professional time; medications; wound dressings; footwear; artificial limbs; inpatient costs; operating theatre costs; home visits, institutional care etc)
Patient costs (eg medical expenses; footwear; travel costs; loss of income; social costs, etc)
Society costs (eg social welfare benefits)

Examples of costs of diabetic foot complications:

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