Diabetes related amputations

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In Western countries, diabetes is responsible for around half of all non-traumatic lower extremity amputations. Risk for amputation in those with diabetes is 15x > than those without out diabetes.

42% of those having a diabetes related amputations had an amputation of the opposite limb within 1 to 3 years

Survival rates after amputation reported in 1985 were 50% at 3 years and 40% at five years

Causal pathway for amputation is 72% of LEA’s was minor trauma  cutaneous ulceration  wound healing failure  amputation . 46% of LEA’s were attributed to ischaemia, 59% to infection, 61% to neuropathy, 81% to faulty wound healing, 84% to ulceration, 55% to gangrene and 81% to initial minor trauma.

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