Anhidrosis/Xerosis/Dry skin

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Anhidrosis/Xerosis/Dry skin

Diminished or absent sweat production – common in peripheral vascular disease. Incidence increased with age. Higher incidence in those with diabetes.

Clinical features:
Rough and dry skin; raised and uplifted skin edges; desquamation; may have pruritis; fissuring around heels common.

May have underlying disease process (diabetes. leprosy, psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, spinal cord injury)

• emollients
• if severe  overnight occlusive dressing with 3% salicylic acid
• debridement of edges of hyperkeratosis to prevent fissures

Controlled trial of twice daily application of 10% urea and 4% lactic acid in a group with diabetes showed improvement in xerosis compared to control group .

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