Hubscher’s maneuver

The Hubscher maneuver (or Jacks Test) is a clinical test of the efficacy and integrity of the windlass mechanism of the foot.

Often spelled with the ü, I presumed Hubscher was a German or Dutch word. In fact, the first reference to it that I can find is in a now defunct Dutch journal from 1956 by JE Enklaar, entitled “Hübscher’s maneuver in the prognosis of flatfoot”. I can’t get a copy of the article, as the journal seems to be long gone, but based on the title alone it seems as though Enklaar first describes the test in this article or that it is a recently developed clinical exam and he is describing what it indicates. It’s tough to say anything further, but it may not matter.

Maandschr Kindergeneeskd. 1956 Sep;24(9):189-94.
[Hübscher’s maneuver in the prognosis of flatfoot].
[Article in Dutch]

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