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Tibial nerve:
Branch of sciatic (larger of two branches) – begins in popliteal fossa  passes superficial to popliteal artery and vein  passes beneath semimembranosus, deep to popliteal vessels  enters deep posterior compartment  beneath soleus with posterior artery and vein (branch goes to posterior tibial muscle)  continues distally between flexor digitorum longus and flexor hallucis longus muscles (supplies branches to both)  above ankle becomes more superfical and lies medial to achilles tendon  turns around back of medial malleolus between the tendons  passes into foot under flexor retinaculum (tarsal tunnel)  distal to tunnel, divides into calcaneal sensory, medial and lateral plantar branches/nerves.
In popliteal fossa, motor branches  soleus, plantaris, popliteal and both heads of gastrocnemius muscles. Sural cutaneous nerve (also originates in popliteal fossa)  between two heads of gastrocnemius  combines with peroneal communicating branch  forms sural nerve
Three branches go to knee (genicular branches)
From popliteal muscle branch  crural interosseous branch  innervates tibial periosteum

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