Gluteus maximus

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Gluteus maximus:
Largest of gluteal muscles; powerful muscle located posteriorly to hip joint; responsible for shape of ‘buttocks’; quadrilateral in shape
Deep 1/4th
Proximal attachment – posterior surface of sacrum and sacrotuberous ligament
Distal attachment –gluteal tuberosity of femur
Function – extension and lateral rotation of hip
Superficial 3/4ths
Proximal attachment – posterior to posterior gluteal line of ilium. Posterior aspect of sacrum. Sacrotuberous ligament.
Distal attachment – anterior surface of lateral tibial condyle via iliotibial band
Function – extension of hip and knee, stabilises pelvis on thigh; contracts during late swing and early stance  decelerates flexion at the hip and accelerates extension
Nerve supply – inferior gluteal nerve (L5, S1, S2)

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