Biceps femoris

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Biceps femoris:
Posterolateral aspect of thigh; arises from two heads;
Long head:
Proximal attachment – lower medial facet of ischial tuberosity (with tendon of semitendinosus; have common insertion but separate into two muscles)
Distal attachment – head of fibula
Function – hip extension and knee flexion (lateral rotation of leg when knee is flexed)
Short head:
Proximal attachment – lower half of lateral lip of linea aspera
Distal attachment – head of fibula
Function – flexion of knee (lateral rotation when knee flexed)
Nerve supply – long head supplied from tibial division of sciatic nerve (L5, S1, S2); short head supplied from common peroneal portion of sciatic nerve (L5, S1, S2)

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