Proximal attachment – middle 1/3rd of medial border of soleal line of tibia and upper 1/3rd of posterior surface of fibula
Distal attachment – achilles tendon  posterior surface of calcaneus
Open chain function – plantarflexion
Closed chain function – stabilises the lateral side of the foot against the ground, assists with deceleration of subtalar joint pronation and internal
leg rotation, decelerates forward momentum of the tibia to contribute to heel lift
Nerve supply – tibial (S1, S2)
Arterial supply – posterior tibial artery
Notes – accessory soleus muscle present in 0.7 to 5.5% of population, originating from anterior surface of soleus muscle and/or soleal line of fibula and tibia; insertion varies – into upper surface of calcaneus (tibiocalcaneus internus muscle) or into achilles tendon (may have a painful mass in lower calf, especially painful on exercise)).

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