Calcaneocuboid Joint

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Located 2cm posterior to base of fifth metatarsal.
Calcaneocuboid and talocalcaneonavicular joints form the midtarsal or Chopart’s joint.

• Dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament – thickening of joint capsule
• Long plantar ligament – longest tarsal ligament – attaches to calcaneus just anterior to the medial and lateral tuberosities – deep fibres then attache to plantar surface of cuboid – superficial fibres attach to bases of metatarsals 2 to 4 (sometimes 5th) – converts groove on plantar surface of cuboid into tunnel for peroneus longus tendon.
• Short plantar ligament – also called plantar calcaneocuboid ligament – deep to long plantar ligament, seperated by fatty tissue – short and strong – from anterior tubercle of calcaneus to adjacent part of cuboid
• Calcaneocuboid portion of bifurcate ligament – from anterior dorsal part of calcaneus to medial side of cuboid

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