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An important part of search engine optimization or getting a website to rank well in the search engines is to have a number of links to it from other sites. The search engines see these as ‘votes’ for a site and tend to rank higher those with more links (though it is not that simple). Because of that webmasters usually like to know who is linking to their site and how many links they have. There are many ways to determine this. Google provide one way to determine this via the link: operator. This provides a small sample of the links to a page and never them all. Here is PodiaPaedia’s sample of links. Sometimes the sample that Google provides has no links in it. The number and type of links in the sample is widely considered meaningless. However, some inexperienced webmaster like to over analyze the sample and reach inappropriate conclusions based on it. Google provides a full list of links to a site to the webmaster via their Webmaster Tools console.

List of other Google search operators.

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