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vBulletin is the market leading forum software that is used to power a large number of forums including Podiatry Arena and the Student Doctor Network. The software is marketed by Internet Brands and is not free (there are some free versions of other forum software packages). As vBulletin is so popular, this means that there is an illegal black market in vBulletin where the identifying and licensing information is removed, so it can be used illegally for free. This nulled vBulletin will not be supported by the company, but there is a large underground network of support (if you want to trust it!). Nulled vBulletin is easier to hack and those that nulled it may have left a back door in the hack for them to access it later.

Sites that use nulled vBulletin can be reported to vBulletin. Generally, a take down notice will be issued against the forums host.

Page last updated: Oct 4, 2017 @ 5:21 am

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