Press Releases on Antibiotic Resistance

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Press Releases on Antibiotic Resistance

Many relevant press releases are published on PodiaPaedia (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015). Listed below are the press releases that are relevant to the topic of antibiotic resistance.

05 Sep 2018: Low antibiotic concentration is enough to increase antimicrobial resistance
23 Jan 2018: A New Ecosystem Approach to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
05 Jan 2018: Research paves the way for new rational treatment strategies of multidrug-resistant chronic infections
21 Aug 2017: Once invincible superbug squashed by ‘superteam’ of antibiotics
21 Aug 2017: Overcoming the last line of antibiotic resistance against bacterial infections
08 Aug 2017: Relieving antibiotic resistance: Researchers answer questions about E. coli, take steps toward new treatment
01 Aug 2017: Researchers describe structures, mechanisms that enable bacteria to resist antibiotics
27 Jul 2017: EU report: More evidence on link between antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance
26 Jul 2017: Experts win support to tackle rising threat of antibiotic resistance
26 Jul 2017: Researchers identify the component that allows a lethal type of bacteria to spread resistance to antibiotics
18 Jul 2017: Antibiotic insight may help in battle against bacterial resistance
12 Jul 2017: Antibiotic nanoparticles fight drug-resistant bacteria
03 Jul 2017: New study links antibiotic resistance to common household disinfectant triclosan
29 Jun 2017: Common antimicrobials help patients recover from MRSA abscesses
19 Jun 2017: FDA Approves Baxdela
14 Jun 2017: Drug design strategy boosts the odds against resistance development
04 Jun 2017: Increasing susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus in the United States
01 Jun 2017: Why antibiotics fail
29 May 2017: New antibiotic packs a punch against bacterial resistance
12 May 2017: Antimicrobial resistance: Successful interdisciplinary efforts
20 Apr 2017: New weapon in fight against antibiotic resistance discovered
13 Mar 2017: Making resistant superbugs sensitive to antibiotic

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