Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders Sleep is a complex physiologic state. Insomnia: • Common difficulty in sleeping or disturbance in sleep pattern  insufficient sleep; common symptom associated with wide range of underlying conditions • More common with advancing age and in females • initial insomnia – difficulty getting to sleep • treatment – depends on cause Narcolepsy: • syndrome of recurrent attacks of irresistible sleep with sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy) – tend to fall asleep at anytime, not just when understimulated • believed to result from the intrusion of the REM state into an awake state • periods of sleep are generally short and can be woken easily – usually feel refreshed after waking • unknown cause; high association with HLA-DRW2 • treatment – stimulant drugs (eg dexamphetamine) Sleep Apnoea: breathing stops during sleep for a brief time (>10secs) two types – obstructive sleep apnoea (airway is obstructed) and central sleep apnoea (loss of sensitivity of central respiratory control mechanisms) affects 2-4% of adults; obesity is a major risk factor most common cause is airway obstruction

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