Barefoot Orthotic™

This product changed it name to Hozhoni Balance Rail in early 2016.
Barefoot Orthotic

The Barefoot Orthotic™ is a type of prefabricated foot orthotic made from medical grade silicone that consists of a cuboid padded area and a long metatarsal pad. The orthotic adheres to the foot and after washing and cleaning, it is claimed that it can be used for more than 1000 times. They were developed Dr. J. Greg Stilwell, DPM from Durango, Colorado whose company, Hozhoni Health Services, owns the trademark. The product is the subject of a patent granted in late 2015.

Barefoot Orthotic™


  • Very little is known about these Barefoot Orthotic™ devices other than what is on the company's website. No information is available on the kinematic and kinetic effects of the devices.
  • The website does claim "Clinically proven over years of podiatric clinical trials", but no published clinical trial can be found

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